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Why design?

Design affects all aspects of a user’s experience in a system. It has the power to influence a user’s behavior and can take a product from useless to spectacular. We create impactful user experiences through a systematic, methodical, and process-driven design philosophy.

User experience
Design / UX

Creating engaging experiences for users is a driving force behind award winning design and software that actually delivers results. Understanding how users prefer to interact with your product and developing a solution that meets their needs easily is a key component to easy onboarding, continued engagement and consistent growth.


What is UX at Zensoft?

How we design



Requirements gathering
& Brainstorming

Focus: User Research

We work with you to get a better understanding about various product personas while collecting key information and data to create a clear picture of who they are, where to find them and what problems the product solves.



Conceptual Design

Focus: User Research,
Information Architecture

We work with you to get a better understanding about various product personas while collecting key information and data to create a clear picture of who they are, where to find them and what problems the product solves.




Focus: User Research, User Interface Design,
Visual Design, Interaction Design

At this stage, we create the look, feel and flow of your product. With usability and user engagement goals in mind, we produce a series of well-rounded design assets that accurately convey the product’s intent.




Focus: Usability

In the final stage, the product design is tested and incremental improvements are introduced. Although this is the last stage, it does not mean that the process is over since continuous feedback and monitoring are vital to product growth.

Design projects we’ve worked With

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Bringing together countries to allow efficient trade between diamond centres is the vision which gave birth to Nivoda. Nivoda platform is the place where the industry can trade together securely, profitably and efficiently. A platform where businesses can easily and reliably trade with each other while benefiting from reduced transfer costs and shipping costs. So in order to fit all this conditions the platform needed to be updated and redesigned at the moment Nivoda representatives came to Zensoft for solution.

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Crypto Racing League

Crypto Racing League is a decentralised game focused on racing rare collectible cars stored on the ethereum blockchain. A large component of any collectible based game is the ability for players to buy, sell, and trade items. To keep transactions simple and secure, all transactions go through the Ethereum network. Furthermore all items that are bought and sold are traded in Ethereum.

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Village is a mobile application which contextualizes storytelling, contribution processing, and e-commerce technologies to empower youth athletes and parents to afford the rising costs of sports and build communities around kids to help them afford to play sports. Together with our client we were working on the solution that helps kids & parents understand the costs of their sports, rally loved ones around a child’s athletic career, and guide youth athletes to ask for & purchase gifts related to their personal sports needs in lieu of gifts they may otherwise receive.

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As one of the voice assistant’s main ideas is using it for communication, to engage people using it Zensoft team created the design of the messenger application intended mostly for corporate communications. The application is focused on using voice assistant instead of manual text input and could be used both with SmartEar device as well as without it.

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Ski App

For people who are keen on skiing or snowboarding a list of questions always arises when choosing and visiting new resort: slopes are absolutely unfamiliar, difficulty levels of the slopes are frequently unknown, in order to find an appropriate hotel, equipment rental point, if there are any ski schools or training centres, the location of cableways you need to use a lot of tools as websites, different mobile applications, paper maps and so on. But what if user would have all the needed information and resources to organize vacation in one application? That’s the idea which the client brought with him to us.

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Two thirds of North Americans under age 35 have saved less than $1000. Micro-investment platforms using rounding have become an attractive tool on combat this growing issue.

Mobile application provides user with a simple and easy to use experience for making savings or giving rewarding through using the offers from partners thanks to intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. User starts to use the application after getting the invitation to become a member of some Benefit Group.

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Videoblock is the only multi-format advertising video network in the “Russian” segment of the Israeli market. This network covers the leading Russian-language websites and provides the ability to get access to the maximum audience of Russian-speaking Internet users in Israel quickly and efficiently.

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Legal Service

For companies facing with high-volume third party subpoenas this is a solution for the company’s legal notices and subpoenas process to ensure proper risk mitigation and measures to ensure that legal and regulatory obligations were met in a timely and efficient matter.

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Goin is an easy to use app that allows riders to customize their route, provide location details to friends and share rides. Transit companies and local cities benefit from integrating Goin into their transportation services providing options for digital payments, handicapped accessibility and greater transparency of vehicles and drivers.

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AsproDental is a comprehensive platform for dental practices, that includes scheduling online appointments, taking detailed clinical notes, and recording correct dental codes for procedures. The platform is a user friendly end-to-end solution that also keeps track of patient balances, electronic consent forms, and updated health information.

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OPEN platform

OPEN platform makes it easy for developers to connect their applications to multiple blockchain networks with little or no blockchain experience. A developer wallet that provides a simple way to allow existing (off-chain) applications to accept (on-chain) payments such as cryptocurrencies. This allows developers to expand their services and build robust applications with custom smart contracts. OPEN is the first of its kind, fundamental blockchain technology, using Kotlin to accomplish a nominal rate of 1500 transactions / sec. This speed is finally allowing numerous industries to have a decentralized solution with a high throughput capability. Early adopters from supply chain and healthcare to financial verticals are forking off of OPEN for their infrastructural needs.

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