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Drive digital transformation with our industry expertise, cutting-edge solutions, and network of technology partners. During all phases of your organization’s digital transformation, Zensoft walks you through the elements of process automation, cloud computing, data management, and mobile enablement.


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Data Management

Why choose Zensoft?

We match your project with a team
of highly specialized developers

ZenTracker uses machine learning to match your project with a specialized team of developers and calculates your estimated delivery date. With combined expertise in over 170 Experts and an average of 7.3 years of experience, Zensoft developers know how to jump in and take the lead on even highly complex projects.

We make sure your project gets
delivered on time

With a 98% accuracy in delivery estimates, we're well above the industry average. That's because we take time to get to know your business. When you partner with Zensoft, you get dedicated experts who work with you to understand your domain, business and technical challenges in your existing codebase before developing your technical strategy.

Monitor the status of your project 24/7

Shareholders need to be on the same page about progress and deliverables at all times. With ZenTracker platform, you can easily monitor development progress, resolve blocking issues, and immediately take the pulse of a sprint.

Scale your in-house team whenever
you need it

Need help working on a bigger project? Our developers are available on-demand. Zensoft developers to help you scale your team and support your in-house team in solving technical challenges.

Custom software development process

Tailored for your specific business needs

Partner solutions

While every client solution is custom built, our toolkit includes proven industry partners
that allow us to integrate seamlessly to provide quality solutions quickly.


Data Extraction


Data Analytics


Data Integrity and Accessibility

Data Extraction

Big Data comes in all shapes and forms, most of which is unstructured, incomplete, and highly complex. Companies lack the necessary analytical tools to make sense of this key data, which can power critical investment and strategic decisions.

Our solutions often integrate dMetrics, an MIT Media Lab spin-off and multiple NSF award-winning platforms, that uses machine learning and NLP to extract various types of unstructured data.


Data Analytics

Once data is structured, analyzing and gaining insight is critical to capitalizing on global business opportunities.

Inferess, an NLP and Financial Math-based data analytics platform, maps the world’s economy using machine learning to process data. We train the machine with your unique data sets, in your secured environment, operationalized in your processes.


Data Integrity and Accessibility

Successful data security needs to incorporate loss prevention, reliability and the ability to access data at anytime.

This is a common problem when information is stored in centralized systems and a simple mistake can affect millions of users.

A key solution to ensuring data integrity and accessibility is to create decentralized networks and data management systems.

We built a fundamental blockchain OPEN platform which also solves major challenges like throughput, interoperability and scale.


Dare to make changes with
your big idea – without worrying
about downtime.

Large-scale software is critical to the mission of your enterprise business. We get it. Having transparency about
the status of your development pipeline helps you make better calls for your business. We get that too.

At Zensoft, we're different.

We develop every project in agile sprints so you get to review where your product is headed every two weeks. We enable you to monitor the progress of your projects and make adjustments through our ZenTracker platform.

Whether you need a prototype in a month or need help scaling a software application, our ZenTracker platform matches your project up with a talented team of experts who work to build your software on time and on budget. Guaranteed. And if the plan changes? Our platform adjusts the resources for you.


Go ahead and plan big. We'll make sure you
deliver every two weeks.

Enterprises we’ve worked with

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Chameleon Software is an intuitive, easy to use platform that automates data entry processes relating to financial information. Banks save time and money on entry-level resources and have the ability to track the financial health of the company, reporting, and covenant compliance.

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Our Continuous Delivery process has helped us deliver results for over
100 companies, from Y-Combinator backed startups to the Fortune 500.

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