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Partner with a custom software development company that has worked with hundreds of businesses, including Y-Combinator backed startups. Zensoft delivers prototypes, MVPs, and scalable and reliable software with full transparency, so you can launch and scale the app development for your startup.


Your secret weapon
to acceleration

At Zensoft, we know how crucial a solid technical foundation is to a startup's growth. When you don't have the right foundation and processes in place, you risk having to slow down just when you're ready to speed up.

Whether it's technical debt or an inexperienced dev team, Zensoft helps you eliminate the factors that plague early stage startups by helping you get it right the first time.

We've already tested our Continuous Delivery process with hundreds of businesses, including Y-Combinator backed and Fortune 500 companies. As you partner with us, we help you develop a technical strategy designed to meet your business goals by utilizing this proven and tested process.

We help you build your app one sprint at a time. On time, and on budget. Guaranteed.


Partners at every stage of growth

We work with you to create a strong foundation and partner with you at every stage of your growth



You are excited about your new idea, so are we! Through collaborative brainstorming, we help you determine product-market-fit while designing and delivering an interactive prototype you can use as validation with investors & potential clients.


Seed/Angel Round

Now you’re ready to build! This is the most exciting and most vulnerable stage for a startup. Technical and infrastructure decisions you make now lay the foundation for your company’s growth. Utilizing our Continuous Delivery Process, we deliver your MVP, one sprint at a time, allowing for testing, feedback and quick iterations.


Series A

This is the stage when earlier architectural decisions start to manifest themselves for better or worse and long-term considerations become critical to building a scalable system. Our team creates a clear architectural vision incorporating the use of scalable elements such as microservices, data processing solutions, and distributed DevOps infrastructure ready for growth at any scale.


Surging Growth

Congratulations on building a successful product that users will love. At this stage, test automation, well-documented releases and post-production monitoring are critical to continued growth. Our team provides fast incident response and reliable post production environment monitoring and support to make sure system deployments do not compromise your application’s uptime.

Why choose Zensoft?

We’ll get it done just like you want it - or it’s on us

The last thing you should be worrying about when you're growing a startup is surprise billing or delayed timelines. With Zensoft, you can set the speed of your development work. When you sign off on a sprint and time estimate, that's what you'll pay. Not a penny more. And if we get it wrong? It's on us.

Your own project manager

When you partner with Zensoft, we set you up with an onboarding expert who learns the ins and outs of your domain, business and technical challenges before developing your technology strategy.

Scale your projects quickly.

Need to move up a launch date? Need a bigger team to help you pivot fast? With Zensoft, you'll never be stuck without the talent you need. We can assemble an agile team made up of Dev, DevOps, NetOps, Design, and QA experts as well as Blockchain and AI specialists at a moment's notice. We have the resources you need to build on time and on budget.

You stay in control every sprint.

Unlike with traditional outsourcing companies, you're in the driver's seat. We follow an agile methodology, planning your product in sprints that you approve before we begin working on them. With our ZenTracker platform, you'll be able to monitor the progress of each sprint and how your budget is being allocated. It's transparency like you've never imagined.

We're founders too

Zensoft is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We understand how to build scalable, beautifully designed, reliable and well-thought-out products. Zensoft founders have built numerous startups backed by:

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We have brought hundreds of startups from the ideation stage to market, many of which went through top accelerators such as:

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Our team are experts in building scalable, production-ready software for early stage companies. Getting started is easy. Build your idea on time, on budget guaranteed.

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Startups we’ve worked with

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AsproDental is a comprehensive platform for dental practices, that includes scheduling online appointments, taking detailed clinical notes, and recording correct dental codes for procedures. The platform is a user friendly end-to-end solution that also keeps track of patient balances, electronic consent forms, and updated health information.

Our Continuous Delivery process has helped us deliver
results for over 100 companies
, from Y-Combinator
backed startups to the Fortune 500.

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