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Zensoft is a scalable software development service powered by machine learning which provides a 100% on-time and on-budget guarantee.

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Continuous delivery
down to a science

Continuous Delivery is an approach to producing software in short cycles. Our proprietary process reduces the cost and time involved in delivering software by supercharging Continuous Delivery with machine learning. Using predictive analysis, our system intelligently adjusts delivery times as tasks are added to the backlog. This leads to accurate timelines and predictable release cycles.


As tasks are added, machine learning algorithms help us estimate project delivery times. Plan your next sprint while the current sprint is in process
to keep your project moving forward.

ico 2 days



Scheduled tasks are laid out for review so expectations and priorities are thoroughly communicated and tracked, giving you full control over the product development lifecycle.

ico 3 days



After each Sprint, you will be prompted to accept the set of tasks. We will work diligently to correct any rejected tasks up to three times,
at no cost to you.

ico 1 week



Sprint tasks will be implemented in a two week period. If we do not complete tasks we have committed to by the end of the Sprint, we will continue working on the tasks to completion, at no cost to you.

ico 2 weeks


You are in full control

Zensoft’s proprietary ZenTracker Platform uses machine learning algorithms to predict the hours and budget required to complete a project.We plan together. You review, approve and track the development process from your dashboard with 100% transparency as the work gets done.

Timeline test
Sprints test
Tasks test

100% transparency


Clear communication and documentation

Zensoft includes value-added resources into each project at no cost to you. This includes meticulous technical documentation, as well as extra development resources dedicated to your project to ensure quick on-ramping when you scale up.


Always know the status of your project

Shareholders need to be on the same page about progress and deliverables at all times. With our platform, you can easily monitor development progress, resolve blocking issues, and immediately take the pulse of a sprint.


You get full control of your workspace

All the content and IP we create in your workspace belongs to you. You control and monitor access to your files and other project assets. We install an isolated, secure environment for each developer on your project.

Effortlessly scale up
your project

Need to move up a launch date? Want a bigger team working on your project? With Zensoft’s platform, you can log in and adjust your speed, update capacity as needed.

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Wide range of expertise in
various domains

Our world-class team can build
just about anything

We source talented developers from top universities, vetted through a rigorous and highly selective process.
Our tech personnel have an overage of 7.3 years of development experience.



Our teams are managed for you via industry leading project and team management methodologies. This means you can focus on your product.



Protecting your IP is our top priority. This is achieved through 24/7 on-site security around workspaces and access control with digital monitoring of files and assets.



Zensoft's pay-as-you-go pricing model allows you to optimize costs on your project. It allows you to set product expectations and see your bill before development starts, not after the release.

Predictable. Proven. Process-driven
software development

Start scaling your team today with Zensoft’s Continuous
Delivery process.

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