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Zensoft leads the way in Blockchain innovation. We solve complex problems by building fundamental decentralized solutions. Our team of experts have seen it all. We’ll help you determine how best meet your business goals, whether through building a blockchain from scratch, forking off of an existing chain, or integrating with interoperable networks that execute smart contracts.


Blockchain services

Across global supply chains, financial services, healthcare, government and many other industries, innovators are exploring ways to use blockchain to disrupt and transform traditional business models.


Blockchain Сonsulting


Blockchain Development


ICO Development

Blockchain Consulting

Architecture and Design

Brainstorming with the client about the potential Architecture and Design of the future product. This includes but is not limited to, a deep dive into the problem and potential solutions, a comparative analysis of blockchain technologies and protocols, an exploration of user and data flows, and a plan for fulfilling business needs with appropriate technology.

Implementation Assessment

Our team conducts an assessment of your existing codebase, including smart contracts, chain implementations, DAGs, and off-chain solutions, in order to deliver a detailed report covering security, code quality, unaddressed edge cases and other critical factors.

Consensus and chain choice

An analysis of the existing blockchains’ implementation, as well as various features of consensus algorithms, allows us to develop the most appropriate solution whether starting from scratch or forking off of an existing blockchain.

On-chain integration strategy

Blockchain consultation will help you consider the possibility of building new functionality or integrating with an existing blockchain to support your business goals.

Tech Stack

Taking into consideration load requirements, security restrictions, cross-platform support needs, we will help you determine the optimal technology stack based on your project type and size.

Blockchain Development

Smart Contracts

We build complex smart contracts for a variety of purposes based on an understanding of your business strategy and goals. Smart contracts can be built for any interoperable chain, such as NEO, NEM, ETH, RChain, Corda etc.

We also perform smart contract reviews to help optimize deployment and ongoing maintenance costs.

Fundamental Blockchain From Scratch

We build high-efficiency open source or proprietary distributed replicated databases

Forking off and Customization of the existing chains

In certain cases, where the requirements are already implemented in an existing open source project, we will fork from the existing blockchain and expand its functionality to fulfill the business need, saving you time and development costs.

Decentralized Data Solutions for Enterprise [Hyperledger], [IPFS]

To improve the efficiency of inter-industry collaboration we are developing high-performance solutions based on Hyperledger and IPFS

ICO Development

Token Creation

When preparing for your initial coin offering we help you create a token contract and emit tokens for whatever standard is needed. We provide the technical knowledge needed to determine the best token contract methods and advise on finding the optimal balance between contact functionality and operation cost.


The White Paper is the core plan for your ICO project. We help you with development expertise and outlining the technology stack for the technical part of your White Paper, including development strategy, roadmap and in-depth implementation details that you can include in your White Paper.


Know-Your-Customer regulations are becoming a significant obligation for any ICO project. We work with you to integrate your existing KYC services or develop a custom identification flow that suits your project.

Landing Page (Website)

Launching your project and getting early traction with customers and investors requires a landing page that is simple, visually appealing and clearly identifies your value proposition. We build project sites, landings, blogs, and promo pages, help with presentations decks.

Competitors Analysis

We review your project’s implementation plan and suggest the latest technologies available as well as a competitor analysis to define project unique selling proposition in order to distinguish from similar projects. Based on analysis, we recommend various stages of project evolution.

Challenges we solve for clients










Consensus Protocol


Every business wants to be able to grow and provide quick transactions to its users, however, speed and scalability are a challenge as Blockchain technology evolves and improves.


Having expertise with an extended set of consensus protocols like PoA, DPoS, BFT, SPECTRE, PHANTOM, and others, as well as DAG blocks structure, Zensoft will help you handle scalability issue for your specific case.


With a multitude of Blockchains already in use today, being able to connect and communicate between them is a challenge facing developers and businesses.


Our deep experience across a variety of projects has allowed us to build decentralized APIs, Exchanges, and Payment Gateways that solve interoperability issues for our clients. We proactively address potential challenges and look to bridge Blockchains in order to promote cross-chain interaction.


As users join the network and transaction histories grow, early architectural decisions can influence the scalability of the growing system, putting it in danger of buckling, which leads to a poor user experience.


Our experience architecting a multitude of blockchain platforms helps us to determine the proper protocols needed for scalability. Unlike Ethereum or Bitcoin, which can process up to 20 transactions per second, our team reached up to 1,500 transactions per second for the OPEN platform project. This dramatic increase in speed empowers OPEN to dominate the market with its unprecedented throughput speed.


Frequently, Blockchain networks are trying to address new challenges which have not been handled by previously built chains.


From time to time, Zensoft faces entirely novel requirements and challenges in the consensus protocol field. Extensive experience in the consensus protocol field helps us to both choose a best-fit protocol for each project, and also develop our own unique consensus protocols when needed.


Frequently, Blockchain networks are trying to address new challenges which have not been handled by previously built chains.


From time to time, Zensoft faces entirely novel requirements and challenges in the consensus protocol field. Extensive experience in the consensus protocol field helps us to both choose a best-fit protocol for each project, and also develop our own unique consensus protocols when needed.












Blockchain we’ve worked with

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OPEN platform

OPEN platform makes it easy for developers to connect their applications to multiple blockchain networks with little or no blockchain experience. A developer wallet that provides a simple way to allow existing (off-chain) applications to accept (on-chain) payments such as cryptocurrencies. This allows developers to expand their services and build robust applications with custom smart contracts. OPEN is the first of its kind, fundamental blockchain technology, using Kotlin to accomplish a nominal rate of 1500 transactions/sec. This speed is finally allowing numerous industries to have a decentralized solution with a high throughput capability. Early adopters from supply chain and healthcare to financial verticals are forking off of OPEN for their infrastructural needs.

Transparency to build and iterate faster

At Zensoft, we’re different. We take service to the next level by enabling you to monitor the progress of your projects and make adjustments through our Continuous Delivery Platform. We develop every project in 2-week agile sprints, using microservices and QA methods to ensure your system will scale.

Whether you need a team to help you deliver on your ICO timeline or you want to develop a proprietary blockchain protocol or cryptocurrency exchange, we will always produce a high-quality product on-time and on-budget, guaranteed.


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