Plug-in your start-up

We seamlessly integrate into your team’s workflow and provide topnotch talent at scale based on your needs.

David Tolioupov, CEO

At Zensoft we live and die by your side: Your priorities and deadlines are of the utmost importance to us because if you succeed we do as well. We love challenges and impressing you with unprecedented product quality, clear communication and proper engineering methodologies. We are not afraid to set the bar of expectations high because we are confident we will deliver.

Best way to achieve your goals

Assemble your perfect team

Start with providing us the skillset requirements you need and we track down the best people for the job.

Brainstorm together

Then we work as a team with you to discuss and brainstorm every aspect of your vision. Not just once, every day, throughout the whole process.

Monitor successful checkpoint achievement

Use metrics and agile methodology, keeping tabs on hundreds of data points to ensure we stay on track.

We guarantee — Quality

We are so confident that you will love our talented developers that we give you a one week trial with any of them for free. Don’t like them - don’t pay.
Full disclosure: No one has ever not liked them.

We guarantee — IP Protection

We take legal liability as a US company for your IP.
We ensure that your IP and confidential data is safe and that we are not engaging the same resources on competing projects.

Project Tags

At the commencement of a project, you “tag” the area of knowledge you work on with appropriate ontologies within software engineering. Every time your team member works on a project they inherit tags associated with the project assigned by you. We then make sure we don’t ever have the same people working on projects with the same tags, eliminating the possibility of the same resources working on competing projects.

Hangover Effect

After we finish your project, former team members will not work on the same tags for as long as you don’t want them to. We call it a hangover effect. This is a non-compete enforced rigorously on our end.

Zen Spaces

We install a separate workspace for each developer on your project. Everything, including works of art, emails, documents, source code, or any other content being created by your developers during the duration of the contract will belong to you. Zen Space content can be uploaded to the cloud for inspection and is erased when a project is completed.

We guarantee — Transparency

We are big believers in transparency in every aspect:

Code Commits

We commit code every day and welcome feedback. We adhere to the best code writing practices and are proud to show what we produce.


There are no anonymous resources. You know every person on your team and have direct access to them.


We participate in daily stand-ups with you and ask you questions. We encourage you to ask yours.

Project management

Project management is done through professional tools such as Jira or Trello and we document every task we work on, how much time we spend on it and who is doing what. You are always in the loop.


Fully integrated

Your company’s branding and swag are part of the decor

Comfortable, ergonomic environment with robust hardware, lounge areas, and stocked kitchen

We take care of your team

We love our employees and take care of them as you would your own

Physical wellness

We offer subsidized dental care & gym memberships

Educational opportunities

We sponsor participation in professional conferences and offer coding, design, project management & English classes as extra curricular activities.

Happy hours

Happy hours and themed holiday gatherings are a part of Zensoft’s culture

Pair of slippers

And yes, everyone gets their own pair of slippers at the door

Your perfect team is here